TELSONIC Worldwide Success. Founded in Switzerland.

TELSONIC has been actively involved in the market for industrial  ultrasonic  applications since 1966. Since then, the company has built up a wealth of expertise internationally, which is put to good use by customers in a wide range of different industries. Today, TELSONIC is one of the leading companies worldwide in this specialist field.

K2 Consultancy

K2 provides a wide range of Consultancy related services

K2 Consultancy’s reputed management team offers management and consulting services to private and public sector organisations providing consultancy on risk, disaster recovery, quality and assurance, procurement and contracts.

They can assist in undertaking project reviews, provide improvement strategies and where required provide ‘project rescue’ teams to take over and turn around projects in distress.

They believe we have the acumen to manage and consult on complex projects in a range of environments. Our management and technical services cover all stages of project development from inception to post completion.

SBD Motorsport
​​Engine, Gearbox control and Dash Display supplier to moleracing

SBD have 20+ years experience in engine management electronics and race engine technology, with access to industry leading manufacturers, we design our own specialist engine packages to fulfil a broad range of customer requirements for motorsport worldwide.

Steve Broughton and his team offer great practical support as well as supply an excellent product and I have used them for over 10 years.